Small Businesses = Latest Target for Hackers

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Out of all small businesses that have been breached, a staggering 60% go out of business after six months. So, why do hackers prey on small businesses? Listed below are the reasons why they have become the latest targets.

They Are Less Protected Than Larger Businesses

  • Small businesses have less cyber security protection and resources than larger corporations.
  • Out of all security breaches, they make up a whopping 71%.
  • Almost ½ of ALL small businesses have a been a victim of cyber crime.

Gaining Internal Access is Easier with Small Businesses

  • 77% of all employees forget to lock their computers correctly. Hackers will gain access to these unattended devices.
  • Hackers steal credentials from key employees by sending them phishing emails that appear legitimate and convincing.
  • Target’s 2013 breach involved a 3rd party HVAC vendor, who had access to their network. They were hacked.

Small Businesses Have Exactly What Hackers Want

  • Visa reports 95% of ALL credit card breaches come from small businesses.
  • Small businesses retain sensitive, personal information and intellectual property.


So, how can you protect your small business? By being proactive! Here are ways to strengthen your small business cyber security practices, and not be part of the cyber crime statistic!


Align Your Cyber Protection Correctly

Form a risk management plan that firmly secures both sensitive business and client information.

Forecast the Effects of a Potential Attack

Determine what could happen as a result a successful cyber attack against the business.

Create a Culture of Cyber Security

Everyone needs to know the policies and practices in the workplace regarding online safety. The value of protecting sensitive business and client information and the importance of security to the business should always be the number one priority.

Vulnerabilities Should be a Topic of Conversation

Malware will infect the business network if employees aren’t aware of vulnerabilities like phishing emails, bad links, and bad websites. Emphasize the notion, “When in doubt, throw it out!” But also, employees should say something if they notice something unusual on their computer.

And Always be Prepared

Based on the statistics listed above, data breaches happen way too frequently to small businesses. It’s important to have a plan in place that addresses how to respond if an attack occurs. Be prepared for the worst saves you time and stress, and you will be ready to tackle the tasks at hand with less hesitation.

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