Software Updates Keep the Hacker’s Away

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Pop-Up Software Updates

We all know those notorious software updates. They seem to pop up when we’re doing something really important. So we click on that convenient “Remind Me Later” button and continue on. But of course, we’re reminded later, so we click on that “Remind Me Later” button again. And the cycle continues…

When it comes to software updates, we generally associate them with gaining new features, getting rid of old features, bug fixes, and driver updates. These are things we push aside and tell ourselves it can wait until later. Although updates can be “nuisances,” they provide a time-sensitive feature that is significantly important in preventing malicious malware from infecting your computer.


The “Install Now” Button – Your New Best Friend

The number one feature that comes with software updates are called “patches.” Patches are security holes/weaknesses that are discovered and then fixed by software companies. They usually come from your operating or software system. It’s very important to run software updates because, un-patched, these security holes/weaknesses are huge targets for hackers. They can find and exploit these vulnerabilities with malicious code and create malware to infect your computer.

This malware could be hiding in a phishing email sent to you, a compromised website you visit, or media that you download and play. And, since you didn’t click “Install Now” for your software updates beforehand, your computer is now vulnerable to this specific malware.


Patches – That Additional Armor You Need

So, don’t think of software updates as hassles. Think of them as that additional armor which secures your data and also gives you peace of mind. And isn’t that what we all want anyway? So, click the “Install Now” button and go take that five-minute coffee break. You’ll be proud knowing you’re doing yourself and your business a favor whilst enjoying a cup of Joe.

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